Admission to the Kindergarten

The basic requirements for admission to the German School New Delhi are a good command over the German language and availability of seats in the respective group/class. In case sufficient seats are not available in the individual groups/classes then a waiting list will be drawn up for admission.

Please read more information about the Kindergarten under:  Kindergarten / General Information 

The kindergarten comprises three groups: 

  • Sternschnuppen (18 month - 3 years) 
  • Kindergarten (3 - 5 years) Rainbow group, Cloud group
  • Preschool (5 years) Sunshine group

Application formalities

For applying to the DSND, please fill up both the forms and send them together with two and three copies of the passport respectively to the school’s administration office by email to the following email address:



  • Application form for admission to the German School New Delh
  • Application for membership to the German School Association New Delhi
  • Passport copy of the child (page with photograph)
  • Passport copy of parents/legal guardian/s and person/s vested with the child’s care and custody (page with photograph)




Basic requirements for admission

Minimum ages for admission are 18 months for Sternschnuppen, 3 years for preschool and 5 years for kindergarten. As we have only a limited number of seats, the admission criteria listed below will apply in the following sequence: 



  1. Children who move up from Sternschnuppen to preschool.
  2. Children who have at least one German-speaking parent.
  3. Children who have siblings in the DSND.
  4. Children whose parents would like them to have a bilingual education, i.e. German and English.
  5. Time of registration.


If we are unable to admit your child on the preferred date that you have specified, your child's name can be added to our waiting list. The list will be maintained according to the criteria listed above. An admissions committee will decide on the allocation of seats. Parents will be notified in writing of the date of admission 

If your child attends our kindergarten, she/he does not automatically qualify for admission to the school.

The kindergarten admissions policy is determined by the school authorities. 

We request you to bring your child along to the interview. The interview will be conducted by the kindergarten management team and the respective group leader. 

The first two months in the kindergarten are seen as an observation period and a time when the child settles in. Should we feel that a child is not yet mature enough for kindergarten, we may defer admission. At the time of registration, the child must be able to go to the toilet on his/her own. 

Admission to Sternschnuppen

The Sternschnuppen group admits children between the ages of 18 months and three years. If seats are available and there are sound pedagogical reasons for a child to move up to preschool, the child can join after he has reached the age of three years. We request you to discuss this matter with the teachers well on time so that you do not lose out on a seat. Sternschnuppen children are given priority when applying for preschool admission. The preschool admissions policy will apply.

Kindergarten admission

Children must be able to understand and express themselves well in German before they can be admitted to the kindergarten. Children who turn five by 1 August of a particular year are eligible for the kindergarten. Children, who turn five by 31 December and have been recommended by the preschool staff, may be accepted if their parents apply for admission. A child who is admitted is expected to attend classes regularly, so that s/he can meet the requirements of the German primary school. The Kindergarten admissions policy will apply.