Kindergarten News August 2021


30th August 2021

Dear Parents

The first month of kindergarten passed very quickly. It is so nice to have the children with us again and to experience how they make full use of the offers. Playing together, playing and playing is first of all the central need. In the process, new friendships are made; new things and new old things are rediscovered and tried out. Some of the little ones from the shooting stars are now old enough and have joined us in kindergarten. Some new children have joined and are not only adjusting to a new Kindergarten but also to “incredible India”. The preschool children were also greeted at the primary school enrollment ceremony. They are now the big ones and have started regular preschool lessons. The group grows together slowly and steadily. This is particularly noticeable in the regular morning circles, which offer everyone the opportunity to sing, dance and tell stories together. Its apple time and our kids love apples. Therefore, we sing, do crafts, experiment and we have been learning interesting things about "apples" for some time.