Information about daily routine in the Kindergarten

General information about our Kindergarten (SJ 2019-20)

Dear Parents,

Kindly request you to go through the below listed guidelines. These will help you to understand our Kindergarten’s routine and together, “You and We “can ensure a smooth and easy Kindergarten year.

Kindly give your child the following:

: A rucksack or alike.

: A change of clothes (which will be kept in the Kindergarten) Please regularly check the size. (Children keep growing)

: Handkerchiefs or alike.

: A packed healthy breakfast, i.e. a sandwich, fruits, vegetables, muesli, yogurt
  etc. Kindly ensure that it is enough to last for our second breakfast too.

:  Please avoid packing chocolates and sweets.

: A water bottle. (All group rooms are equipped with a water dispenser).

: Indoor shoes for summers and winters.

For the swimming lessons (see weekly schedule) April to September please give your child his/her swimming gear. Kindly remember to pack a sunscreen, a towel and a comb. We recommend sun protection shirts for your child.

During October to April the children will have sport lessons (instead of swimming) for this activity please gives your child an appropriate sport gear (loose clothing) and proper sport shoes.

Kindly label all the belongings of your child, i.e. tiffin boxes, water bottles, clothing, shoes and other belongings. This will ensure that your child’s belongings are easily identified and can be returned /given to the “rightful owners”.


Breakfast time in the Kindergarten is at 9:05am and at 11:15am a second breakfast time for children who wish to eat. 

Wednesday shared breakfast

Every Wednesday we have a shared breakfast day in all the groups. The idea behind this is that your child and you together decide which healthy preparation to bring in for that day. All the food bought by the children is laid out as a buffet, with the help of the children. A list of suggested options for this day are fruits, vegetables (washed and cut at home) boiled eggs, muesli, bread, bread spreads, pancakes, yoghurt preparations, juices etc.


The children have lunch at 12:45pm which is followed by “rest is best” until 2:00pm. All children 3 year and above will get a warm meal prepared in our school kitchen. Please inform the group teachers regarding any allergies and food preferences: veg / non veg / vegan.


The Kindergarten is open from 7:30am to 3:30pm. The Shooting Star group children go home latest by 1:15pm.

Afternoon supervision and activities

The Kindergarten is open for our 3 year plus children until 3:30pm Parents wishing to avail the facility of the afternoon supervision or activity programs need to register their children by the 8th of August, 2019. The afternoon programs will be charged quarterly.

AG program

For the activities: Taekwondo, Little Scientist, Arts & Craft, Singing with Usha, Play and fun time, Fun with German language and My little India, you have to sign up your child for half a year.

The afternoon slots are limited. Should your child not get a place in his /her desired activity due consideration will be given to these children in the next quarter. The afternoon program is from 2:00pm till 3:30pm daily. Please respect your child’s choice during the selection of the afternoon activities.

Dropping and Pick-up

Please pick up your child punctually after the Kindergarten. Delays on your part may create panic in your child. Should you be delayed in fetching your child kindly inform your child’s group teachers via Whatsapp / SMS and inform the school office via email immediately. Your child will then be taken care of by an educator or put in the care of the school’s office attendants. Please be informed that the educators will not be able to take phone calls during school hours.

In the morning while dropping your child off please make sure that your child’s presence has been acknowledged by the group educators.

Morning circle

The morning circles are an important ritual of our Kindergarten’s program, we request you not to disturb us during this time and to kindly drop off your child to the Kindergarten latest by 8:15am.


Please inform us should your child not be attending the Kindergarten on a particular day. Please inform Ms. Dhingra at also.

Bus children

Children 3 and above are entitled to use the school bus facility and they will be dropped to the class room by the bus escort. At home time the bus escorts will escort the children to the bus and accompany them on their journey home.

All bus related issues can be communicated to Mr. Jaffrey Carter at

Private transport

Children can only be picked up by attendants who have the yellow pick up card. You’ll receive these cards can be got up from Nathalie Quadranti for SN children and Ina Khan for Kindergarten children.

The yellow cards and the pickup cards for parents are issued by the school office.


All excursions, field trips etc. will be communicated to you a week prior to the event. Kindly send us your acknowledgement of our email asap.

Sick children

Sick children must be kept at home. The child should only resume Kindergarten after he/ she has fully recovered. Please inform the Kindergarten immediately if your child is suffering from a contagious disease i.e. typhoid, mumps, measles etc. Should your child fall sick during the Kindergarten hours, we will call you and request you to pick up your child. For such instances it is important for us to reach you asap. Kindly keep your phone numbers up to date. Please inform us and the school of any change in your numbers without fail.

Toy Day

Only on Toy Day are the children allowed to bring toys from home to the Kindergarten. Only one toy per child is allowed. Your child should be prepared to talk about his /her toy and share it with the other children in the group. The kindergarten cannot be held responsible for any lost or broken toys.


Celebrating your child’s birthday in the Kindergarten is a special event. Sweets and cakes are allowed on this day. Should your child’s birthday fall in the holidays, do get in touch with us so that we can celebrate your child’s birthday at a suitable date if so desired.


Please check your child’s bag daily. It may have drawings, art and crafts made by your child. It may also have invitations besides clothes which need to be washed.

You will receive all the current information via email at the addresses provided by you. Please visit the school website at and make a point of reading all the school information as well because this could also be relevant to the Kindergarten regarding holiday notices, bus use / issues, communication structures, regulations etc. This will help you keep abreast with the latest information.

Parent teacher conferences

Please feel free to contact us. Meetings can be set up with the individual group teachers as well as the head of the Kindergarten Mrs. Carmen Husain.