Information about daily routine in the Kindergarten

Kindergarten Information School-year 2015/16

Dear Parents

Please go through this information sheet carefully. It will help you and us make the daily routine in the Kindergarten smoother and easier.

  1. Your child has to bring the following items:
    • Satchel or rucksack 
    • An extra set of clothes which will remain in the kindergarten
    • Tissues
    • Lunchbox packed with a healthy breakfast (e.g. sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, etc.). A water-bottle that can be refilled in the Kindergarten.  Please do not put any sweets your child’s lunchbox. Breakfast is at 9.30 am. A second breakfast is at 11.30 am. 
  1. During the swimming season from April to September (including), swimming gear is required (swimsuit, sun protection lotion, towel, and comb).  If possible please provide UV sun protection shirts for your child. During the sports season from October to March, sports kits are required. (Sneakers, loose sports clothing).. 
  1. Please make sure to mark all eating utensils, lunchboxes, water-bottles, etc. and all articles of clothing such as jackets, t-shirts, trousers and shoes with names. If lost only items with clearly marked names that can be returned.

5.      Opening hours:

Opening hours for all Kindergarten children including pre-kindergarten (Sternschnuppen) are Monday to Friday from 8am to 13.15pm.

-          New afternoon service:

With the beginning of the new school term 2015/16 parents can chose for their kindergarten and pre-school children (from 3 years onwards) different programs on each afternoon until 15.30pm. One of these afternoon programs will be part of the general Kindergarten packet, other additional programs will be chargeable as per fee schedule.  On the day/s your child is staying back for an afternoon program, we will organize a supervised the lunch-break. Lunch can either be brought from home or can be ordered from the school canteen.

6.      We require your consent for excursions, sight-seeing trips, etc. organized with entire groups. The information will be sent well in advance per email to your registered address and you are kindly requested to acknowledge the receipt promptly.

  1. If for any reason for child cannot attend Kindergarten please inform us as soon as possible. In such cases kindly email Mrs. Augustin in the administration at ( an extra sms sent to the respective group teachers would help us assess the situation in the group’s first thing in the morning.
  1. Sick children should be kept at home. Please inform the Kindergarten immediately if your child is suffering from a contagious disease. 
  1. If a child happens to fall ill while at Kindergarten or is not feeling well due to any other reason, we will immediately send the child home.  Therefore, it is imperative for us to be able to reach you at all times, for your telephone to be on and telephone numbers up-to-date.
  1. “My Toy Day” which is a day when children are allowed to bring their own toys (1 toy per child) will be announced in each the group. 
  1. Once a week there will be a “community breakfast” which will be shared within the groups. Your child should help in deciding what kind of food he/she can bring on this day, e.g. boiled eggs, muesli, bread, jam/marmalade, pancakes, fruit (already washed), cream cheese, juice, etc. (please no sweets).
  1. In addition to this there will also be a “community lunch” once a week which will be shared within the group. We would kindly request parents’ help in preparing one lunch for all the children of a group. (The list is posted in each group room). 
  1. Your child’s birthday will be celebrated in his/her respective group. On this special day your child can bring cake or other sweets for everyone.
  1. Please always ensure you pick up your child on time because waiting can be distressing for children. If it is not possible for you to pick up your child from Kindergarten on time on any particular day then please notify the group teacher in advance. Your child will then either be looked after by a teacher or in the school office. 
  1. Children who travel by school bus will be escorted to and from the buses to their group rooms by the respective school bus attendants. Children using private transport must be brought to the group rooms. Please make sure that your child’s arrival has been noted by the group teacher. When picking up your child, please do not come to the group rooms directly but kindly wait until your child is brought outside to the designated pick up area, in front of the Kindergarten. 
  1. Children may only be picked up by persons (drivers, domestic staff) who can show a valid identity card issued for this purpose. These identity cards and school IDs are issued by the school administration.
  1. Please notify without fail the school administration (Marina) and the group teacher in writing (with date) if your child is going home with another child and not returning to his/her own home as usual. 
  1. Please check your child’s bag everyday as he/she regularly brings home paintings and painted, hand-crafted items sometimes even important notices.
  1. You will receive all the current information via the email addresses provided by you. Please do make a point of reading all the School information as well because this is also relevant for the Kindergarten. 
  1. Holiday notices, bus use, communication structures, regulations, the latest information and many other things apply both to the School and Kindergarten in equal measure. Therefore, we encourage you to visit the School webpage at regularly to keep yourself up to date with school life.

Please feel free to contact us. Meetings can be set up with the individual group teachers.

August 2015

Carmen Hussain