A warm welcome to you, dear DSND former students,

´´The present is the reflection of the past and the basis for the future.´´

"Alumni" is an important topic for our school. For this reason, year after year, we try to come up with new ideas that will make our alumni feel better addressed. Recently, we started a new series featuring not only DSND graduates, but also former students in their new place of residence/study. Our new effort has been well received within a short period of time. In addition, we have received positive feedback from our alumni.

It gives us immense pleasure to know that our graduates have secured a place at well-known universities and in this way they stand out from the crowd.

We actively write to our alumni and through this we have also gained some contributions of our alumni and learn about their progress that they have made after their school years.

It is very crucial for us that we build a dynamic alumni network that reconnects the school with its former students, their parents and former colleagues.

In order to be able to create such an active alumni network, we request our former students to contact us (sekretariat@dsnd.de). We would like to hear about your career and experiences after your time at our school and how you managed to adjust to the new environment after leaving New Delhi and DSND.

Megha Dhall
Alumni Koordinatorin
Deutsche Botschaftsschule New Delhi


Visit from a former principal

On the 16th of March 2023 an earlier principal of the DSND came to visit us. Mr. Spieker was working for the DSND from 1986 to 1991  and still has very fond memories of the school and India. Due to that he wanted to visit the current school management during his current trip to India. Ms. Kulow received him during the absence of Mr. van Neerven. Our colleagues Carmen Hussain and Ina Khan have been working for DSND already when Mr. Spieker was the principal and it was a pleasant surprise for everyone to meet in 2023 and to share a few memories from the old times.