Performance of the DSND-BAND at the Christmas Market organized by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce at the Sunder Nursery on December 10, 2022.

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22th December 2022

Our student band was invited by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce New Delhi to perform live at their traditional Christmas Market for the official opening on December 10. Which is something really exciting!

The BAND rehearsed and rehearsed and suddenly it was time:
After the opening words on the part of the German Ambassador and the host (IGCC) around 5:30 pm, we finally had to and were allowed to go on.
The eight-member BAND played in ever-changing formations well-known and less well-known (pre)Christmas arrangements, to which some of the numerous listening audience even danced. The relaxed mood of the audience again fueled up the BAND.

After the actual set, the audience demanded an extra song. "Last Christmas", our opening song with the full band, sounded so good again.