Visit to Genesis Global School

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14th May 2023

The spring harvest festival, Baisakhi, also marks the beginning of the new year and is celebrated every year in April in many states. The festival is important in Sikhism and Hinduism.  However, how the celebrations are celebrated differs greatly. The German learning classes of Global Genesis School invited the primary school children of DSND to celebrate this festival together with them in Punjabi style. Many boys came to celebrate the day in Kurta Pajama and the girls in Salwar Suit. The German learners showed the primary school children typical handicraft activities, such as making a corncob out of lentils. In the process, the children got to talk and get to know each other a little better. Afterwards, they learned a few basic steps of a Bhangra dance. During the performance, the colorful clothes came out especially well and everyone had a lot of fun dancing together. Way too quickly the morning was over and we had to say goodbye. In the end everyone exchanged their self-made gifts.
We are already looking forward to the return visit in the new school year!