The school party was wonderful again

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12th April 2024

"Dreams" was the motto of our annual school day on 2 March. The weather was was like a dream, because it certainly didn't live up to what the forecasts had promised.

Our ambassador Dr Ackermann and headmaster Martin van Neerven welcomed the school community to the party. All visitors to the festival were able to attach their wishes to the Tree of Dreams right at the entrance. Parents learnt what physicists dream about during a tour of the school, where the results of the project days were presented. They, the physicists, dream of hydrogen as an energy source and black holes as a destination (not too close please). They also dreamed in the chemistry room, but here of applied science that can be transformed into beauty. "Make your own cosmetics" was the motto here. The primary school dreamed of a more beautiful playground and realised this dream straight away.

However, things got more hands-on in the forecourt of the Bulgarian embassy, where we had set up the stage and tents. All the children performed there, coffee was drunk and cake was eaten. When it finally got dark, our school band performed again and the Year 9 students danced to the music. What a great idea!

The teachers had also rehearsed a marvellous dance to Latin American music. The dancing continued late into the evening.

The school party was once again a complete success.