Santa Claus in the German Embassy

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14th December 2022

One morning there was a big commotion in the kindergarten! Full of excitement, the children called out in loud voices down the hall: "Do you  know that Santa Claus is coming to the German Embassy soon and we're all invited!" There hadn’t  been a St. Nicholas celebration in the embassy for two years because of Corona. That explains the children's excitement. In the morning circle, the children discussed and planned what they wanted to sing for Santa. Appropriate options were quickly decided in the kindergarten and primary school. All the children rehearsed eagerly and drew beautiful pictures for Santa Claus. At last the wait was over!  4th December was a sunny day. The embassy garden was festively decorated for the celebration. Beautiful  music played in the background. Happy children were running around everywhere. They eagerly awaited Santa Claus. The ambassador, Mr. Ackermann, warmly welcomed the children and all other guests. He was also looking forward to Santa’s arrival. And then - far away, something could be heard and then one could see something red! Yes, Santa was finally here! He drove in on a cycle rickshaw with the license plate 27CD. He was received amidst great cheer. The children of the kindergarten and the primary school sang their practiced songs and recited a poem beautifully. All these never sounded more beautiful as it did today. Santa Claus was happy and thanked the children very much. Then photos were taken and finally, after announcing the winners of the painting competition, the gifts were handed over. Each child also brought a nice present for a child from the “Hope” social project. True Christmas spirit was present. The ambassador invited all the guests present for coffee and cake. There were cinnamon stars, vanilla crescents, gingerbread and other delicacies. This further strengthened the happy mood and Christmas vibes. Most certainly all the children and the adults went home with happy memories of this day.