The project week of the primary school

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19th May 2024

On the 26th of february 2024 the project week for the primary students of the DSNS started.

It was our aim to enhance the design of the school yard. There have been three groups – one group has made flower pots out of bottles, a second group has been the journalists, they would write articles and take photos. The last group designed a bath to walk on barfoot. There should be addional elements added to the playground: for example a small bar and two small charpoises (beds to lay down). Stones of good luck have been painted and put in the ground. This project week has been quite challenging for the students and the teachers. Of course the students had been very enthusiastic since their normal classes had been substituted by these special projects. To continue the learning process the students also had additional home work.

Wednesday has been the first day outside on the playground. On this day the barefoot- path has been constructed and the bottles were hung at the fences. The time without regular classes has also been used to study and learn different dances.