School enrolment celebration

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12th August 2022

With brand new school bags and a big smile on their faces the new first graders and their parents came to school today.

The primary school children and the fifth graders welcomed the children with an entertaining program. They sang and danced. The students from grade 3/4 recited a poem and gave good wishes, written on a cloverleaf, to the new students.

Even the youngest, namely the preschool children, performed a song to celebrate the special day. Since there are some changes for the preschool children as well, they have been given a small gift cornet. They will need some of these gifts when they come to school for their preschool lessons or when they join E1 for Music and PE lessons.


Before the first graders went to their first school lesson, they were given a colorful gift cornet, that the last year fourth graders had made.