Letter to the parents at the end of the school year

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16th June 2022

Dear parents, dear colleagues,

Today is the last day of the school year 2021/22 and once again you ask yourself, where has the time gone?

The school year was again influenced by the corona pandemic. However, we were still able to keep the school open. On a day-to-day basis, the impacts was mainly seen in the fact that the departments remained separate. This meant many additional supervisions for the colleagues – especially from the primary school. For the students, it meant fewer exchanges at school with the older or younger children. Unfortunately, the parents were not able to come into the school building regularly, which affected the otherwise very family like atmosphere of the school.

Nevertheless, we were able to get together for many celebrations such as the Christmas get-together and the school festival. This makes our school community special. Not to forget are the other festivals, beginning with the swimming festival, then St. Martin, St. Nicholas, carnival and the graduation ceremony, which was once again celebrated in the Blue Hall of the German Embassy.

The everyday school life was not only enriched by the festivals, but also the CCAs completed our offer. The fundraising campaign of the “One World CCA” to support children in Ukraine brought in more than €500. Many thanks to all the donors.

Thanks to all teachers for their continuous good work. This is particularly evident in the results of the final exams: The class 12 graduates were able to achieve an excellent result with an average of 1.4 and are well prepared for their studies.

At the end of the school year, it's time to say goodbye. Some students will leave the DSND, as will some teachers who will return to Germany: Mr. Heeke, Ms. Kessler, Ms. Schomacher, Ms. Singh and Ms. Spangenberg.

We thank you all  for your cooperation and support.

We wish everyone who is leaving the DSND a good start.

I wish you all relaxing holidays.

Sabine Kulow