Celebration of the excellent results of our graduates

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08th June 2022

The graduation ceremony took place on 21st May 2022 in the Blue Hall of the German Embassy in which we bid adieu to our three graduates. After three long years, this was the first celebration that could take place again with the presence of the school community, which gave it a worthy setting.

Firstly, Mrs. Kulow greeted everyone who was present there. The Ambassadors of the Austrian and Mongolian Embassies attended the event. Unfortunately, the German Ambassador had to cancel at a very short notice and was therefore represented by the Cultural Attaché Mr. Johannes Höber. The Swiss Embassy and the Bulgarian Embassy were also represented.

Aleksandra Dekova, Ariuna Mösinger and Katarina Wälchli, our high school graduates, had a grand entry by marching to a music track that was chosen by them together.

Mr. Höber spoke as the host and told about his personal experiences and encouraged the graduates to find their own way.

The KMK representative, Mr. Reuther, who held the position of an examiner head and conducted the oral exams, confirmed that the graduates, the teachers and the school had done an excellent job. He emphasized that the DSND not only imparts the professional competencies, but also, skills like, media literacy, social learning and communication skills which are equally of great importance.

In her speech, the principal, Mrs. Kulow, first recalled the rough path, which was though very successful, that the students had to go through over the past two years because of the corona pandemic. She recalled the difficult times and the beautiful experiences that the high school graduates had experienced in the last five to six years at DSND. As the class teacher, she addressed all three graduates personally and wished them good luck for their future paths in life.

Ms. Demeyere, Ms. Schomacher, Mr. Heeke and the school band under the supervision of Vera Demeyere provided the festive musical background to the program.

The highlight of the event was the handover of the graduation certificates. All three graduates can be very proud of their achievements. They were the best graduating year at DSND with an average of 1, 4.

After that, the high school graduates gave their speech in which they thanked the teachers one by one, in which they also mentioned some special qualities of their teachers. They also did not forget the other employees of the school and thanked the administration and the house staff.

The graduation ceremony ended with some nice conversations over a delicious buffet.