Seal of Quality "Excellent German School Abroad" successfully renewed

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07th December 2022

The German Embassy School New Delhi received a special visit from Germany last week. Mrs. Feddersen and Mrs. Brodowy, the two inspectors of the BLI introduced themselves to the school community.

The two experienced inspectors left no stone unturned during their five-day visit to the school from visiting thirty lessons to conducting numerous interviews with all groups involved in the school.  Last Friday, in the blue hall of the German Embassy, Mrs. Feddersen and Mrs. Brodowy gave the school a feedback on the results of the BLI.  It was a very pleasant feedback for all of us, the seal of quality "Excellent German School Abroad" was again awarded to the school. The result is not only impressive for the German Embassy School; it is an excellent result that we all can be proud of. More over the school received excellent ratings in many assessment criteria.

The BLI would not be the BLI if it had not identified those areas during the inspection week on which we will have to work on in the future. I can assure you all, that we will be analyzing these points of the report carefully.

However on Friday, following the feedback, the first thing to do was to celebrate ourselves a little. It was great that the way from the blue hall to the Oktoberfest of the embassy was a short one...

I extend my heartfelt thanks as the principal to everyone who made this great result possible. Everyone worked with extra motivation this week, from the house staff to the board of directors, so that worked out as planned. The school has presented itself so well and therefore a big thanks to all of you.

Thank you!!!

Martin van Neerven