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21th December 2022

To the delight of the children also DSND celebrates Halloween. For example, the student council (SV) organized a costume competition and a cake sale on the Friday morning before the Diwali vacations. Parents appropriately donated spooky treats for the occasion, which were happily consumed.
The highlight of our Halloween event was certainly the ghost train in the basement. This was organized by the 5th and 6th class together with the support of Mrs. Tscherpel. Here one could test their courage and overcome your disgust. There were mealworms to taste and goat eyes that stared at you lifelessly. So while some were getting spooked downstairs in the ghost train, the best class costumes were chosen upstairs. The winner of the costume competition was Victoria from the 7th grade, who received the most votes with her very elaborate and detailed costume. Even though there is still room for improvement in the organization and especially in the clean-up, the children were satisfied. A big thank you at this point goes especially to the angel of the school, Mrs. Anja Shivhare, who as always, together with the house staff, made up for all planning deficits.