Kindergarten sports day

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14th May 2023

We had to push back the date for the kindergarten sports festival originally planned for the beginning of March this year. Expecting high temperatures then, we prepared ourselves for a hot sports day on March 18th. But it was to be different. But we were up for a surprise on March 17th.  The sky became overcast and on the 18th, on the date of the day it rained heavily. Cancel the event or hope for better weather, that was up for consideration. Luckily, it soon cleared up and so the decision was made: "The sports day will take place." Parents and children were also at home on call, but when the news spread quickly, they came in large numbers with their children ready for the fun.

Once in action, even the light drizzle couldn't stop anyone and the temperature was just right to do sports.

The warm-up circle for everyone was followed by various activities like climbing, ballgames, balancing, jumping and sensory activities on different station.  A fun competition with parents and the performance of our children from the Taekwondo AG, rounded up the morning and all of which contributed to a successful kindergarten sports day.