Annual General Meeting

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25th September 2023

This year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the German Embassy School Association took place on 14 September. The general meeting is the most important decision-making body of the school association. All fundamental decisions are made here and the board is elected and discharged.
At the beginning, our ambassador Dr. Philipp Ackermann expressed his thanks to the school board and the school management for the excellent work of the past year. For his part, Dr Ackermann has been a great supporter of the school's work over the past year.
Principalr Martin van Neerven began by introducing the new colleagues, who "have already familiarised themselves excellently and who bring a breath of fresh air into the teaching staff". He thanked the entire board for the trusting cooperation and especially the chairperson for the simple, unbureaucratic and always helpful communication.
At the centre of every AGM, however, were questions about the budget. Erik Illig, the chairman of the school association board and at the same time chief financial officer, explained the figures of the past financial year and presented the planned budget for the new school year. The aim is to create the framework for the further development of the school infrastructure. After a lively discussion, the board was discharged and the new budget, which now provides for investments to increase the attractiveness of the school, was approved.
The election of the new board confirmed all previous board members.
During the subsequent drink, which was sponsored by the Embassy, it was then possible to talk a lot about the development of the school in the coming years.