General Annual Meeting of the German Embassy School, New Delhi

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18th October 2021

On the 28th of September the members of the German Embassy School met to work on the annual agenda. In the beginning a video has been present to remind of the 60 years of existence with the specific goals that have been achieved.

The members of the board commented on the planned new building and remarked that the specific experts of Germany investigated the situation in New Delhi and that furthermore the embassy is very cooperative to reach this common goal.

The budget plan for this year has been approved.

The specific activities in kindergarden, primary school and secondary school had been presented by the designated coordinators.

At the end of the meeting two new members of the board have been elected: Mr Radosztics and Mr Seehann, who like to contribute with their expertise and knowledge to the board management of the school. Mr. Illig, the chair of the board, was also reelected.

With Pretzel and some refreshments the evening closed and proved once again that this small school is doing an impressing work and is moving efficiently out of the general crisis situation: the DSND was the last school that had to close and the first one, as a whole school, to reopen again in India. Sometimes being a small school is a big advantage.