Student council elections

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11th October 2021

Elections for the student council were held on 8th of September. We were very happy to finally come together again for a full assembly on our school yard. A number of students were nominated for the position of the spokesperson of the student council.

Katarina Wälchli from year 12 was elected as the student representative for this school year. Elisabeth von Reyher from year 11 is her deputy. We congratulate the newly elected representatives and wish them all the best in their new task.

The elections for the SV-teacher had to be postponed to Wednesday after that, 15th of September, because of a heavy rain shower. Many teachers were nominated, Mrs Schomacher won the election and is our new SV-teacher. Congratulations!

The newly constituted SV-team will now meet regularly in breaks and discuss ideas for improving school life.