Santa visit to the Kindergarten

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23th December 2022

Today, December 6th, St. Nicholas Day, there was a lot of excitement in the kindergarten. Santa Claus had personally announced a visit. In the run-up to the event, the children had been busy tinkering and decorating the room for Santa. Soon there was a knock and a deep “Ho Ho Ho”… that had to be him…. All the children greeted Santa with a song. After settling down, he answered the children's questions... "Where are your reindeer?", "Have you also read my wish list?", "How do you manage to bring gifts to so many places"... Of course Santa had  an answer to every question ready. The whole fun was accompanied by more singing and making music and a Santa Claus finger play. The children presented him with beautiful self-painted pictures and at the end there were of course the longed-for gifts for the children.
Thank you very much dear Santa Claus, we look forward to your visit next year.