Santa Claus in the German Embassy

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20th February 2024

On December 9, the popular Santa Claus celebration took place once again at the German Embassy. The children from the elementary school and kindergarten were invited with their families. The embassy garden was festively decorated and the children also wore their best Christmas outfits on this day.

They had been preparing for this day for weeks in class, practicing songs, dances and poems. They had also drawn pictures for the St. Nicholas painting competition with great enthusiasm and ingenuity.

At 3 p.m., the celebration was officially opened by the German ambassador, Dr. Ackermann. The children joyfully presented their rehearsed songs and danced to the enthusiastic audience.

The visit of Santa Claus was particularly exciting. After the performance, he arrived at the embassy in a typical Indian tuk-tuk and was greeted by everyone with a beaming smile. Santa thanked the children warmly and photos were taken with him.

Another highlight of the celebration was the presentation of the prizes for the Santa Claus painting competition. The children's creative pictures were admired and appreciated by the audience and the jury. The winners received a small prize in recognition of their artistic skills.

Another very special part of the event was that all the children from our school brought a gift for a child from the "Hope Project". These gifts are traditionally handed over in person at the "Hope Project" in the days following the St. Nicholas celebration together with the ambassador and the winners of the painting competition.

Despite the warm temperatures, there was a real Christmas atmosphere. The ambassador then invited all the guests to enjoy coffee and cake, including traditional Christmas cookies such as cinnamon stars, vanilla crescents and gingerbread.

The cheerful atmosphere and fond memories of this day will certainly have accompanied all the children and adults home. The St. Nicholas party at the German Embassy was a successful end to the year and will certainly be remembered by all.