Ecology excursion class 9 & Mrs. Tscherpel

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20th May 2023

On Monday, March 20th, we, the ninth grade students, along with Mrs. Tscherpel, visited Sanjay Van Park to explore the nature of Delhi. Accompanied by five slightly intimidating dogs, our first task was to describe and sketch the vegetation around us. Afterward, we strolled through the park and tried to identify trees using the reference book "Trees of Delhi." We always sought out a tree and compared its leaves, flowers, and fruits with the illustrations in the books. We had to match them with the tree descriptions. Although the identification was not easy, we managed to determine the trees. In the park, we found predominantly neem trees, rosewood trees (Shisham), Kanjara  trees, and Golden shower trees.

Sometimes Mrs. Tscherpel had to help us retrieve leaves etc. from the larger trees. She bravely ventured into the bushes to reach the trees. It was difficult to identify the birds as they flew away too quickly, but we still managed to spot a few. Unfortunately, we didn't have a reference book for flowering plants in the Asian region with us, and we couldn't use any online services due to the lack of internet access. So, the world of flowering plants remained closed to us for now.

Nevertheless, it was a wonderful field trip that we greatly enjoyed.

Many thanks to Mrs. Tscherpel. Excursions with you are always fun, and we learn a lot.
(Annika Singh und Mrs. Tscherpel)