Project: German garbage in India

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12th April 2024

How do sheet metal parts with German brand imprints end up in India and end up in Patpat boats, for example?

Class 8 tried to get to the bottom of this problem in chemistry lessons with our very committed intern. They discovered that Germany not only sells rubbish to India but also to various other Asian countries. These countries then claim to recycle the waste, but this is not checked any further. The waste is in fact often illegally incinerated, ends up in unauthorised landfill sites or is dumped in rivers and the sea. This jeopardises the people and the environment in these countries. The dramatic thing is that hardly anyone in Germany is aware of this and most citizens go to bed with a clear conscience after separating their waste in an exemplary manner. It is mainly the rubbish in the yellow sacks that is sold abroad. In Germany, this waste is counted as recycled in the statistics. This results in the questionably high recycling rate that is realised in Germany according to the Federal Statistical Office. This video was produced by the students to draw attention to this problem.


We hope that this video will be widely distributed.

Kerstin Tscherpel