Project presentation of grades 5 and 6 in biology and physics

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20th December 2022

On Thursday evening, one could see excited students who quickly set up their experiments before the parents arrived for their project presentation. They have spent the last few weeks studying how animals are adapted to extreme habitats. A particular difficulty was the physical part. The students had to think about, carry out and evaluate a model experiment that illustrated this adaptation of the habitat.
With the help of a heating plate, Rebecca showed how the desert gecko protects itself from the heat of the hot desert sand. Maya, Catarina and Adel experimented with layers of sand to explain why the small hairy armadillo, the jerboa and the fennec build their burrows under a thick layer of sand.
The other students had dealt with animals that live in cold regions. Friedrich and Thomas introduced the Canada goose and demonstrated why down feathers keep you warm in winter. A similar experiment was shown by Jino, who brought the polar wolf closer to the audience. Emma followed with her presentation on the humpback whale. Finally, Ishaan explained why emperor penguins form groups and constantly change their places.