Project days in the primary school

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23th April 2023

Our guiding values are trust, courage, respect and integrity. In order for everyone at the school to do well and feel comfortable, rules must be followed and our actions should be guided by these values.
Each day last week was dedicated to one value. We opened our trust box and reminded each other of our "superpowers". In many dances, songs as well as games we dealt with the meaning of each value. Courage had to be proven in the parkour on the schoolyard as well as in climbing, children were led blindly through the school building and everyone discussed the respective topic. Finally, we were allowed to spend the night in the school. The afternoon was spent by playing, reading, dancing and romping together. Towards evening, it became more silent and the children retreated to their caves to read and chat. After breakfast together, the school children were released for the Easter holidays.