Sports Festival

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19th March 2023

The sports festival of the German School Delhi took place on February 25th at the sports field. It was organized by high school students. There were a total of four teams, who could earn points in each game. Children from elementary and secondary school participated together in various games such as goal shooting, target shooting, relay race, and Hungry Hippo. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun, accompanied by appropriate music that cheered on the participants.

The teams engaged in an exciting competition, but in the end, Miss Pradhaan's team was able to claim the victory. Although it was a competition, the focus was on having fun and all participants enjoyed the games and each other's company.

It was a great opportunity for the students to showcase their athletic abilities and cheer on their friends. The atmosphere was marked by friendship and camaraderie.

To conclude the sports festival, a group photo was taken to document the event for the yearbook and serve as a memory. The sports festival was a great success and will surely be remembered as one of the highlights of the school year. We look forward to the next sports festival of the German Embassy School New Delhi.