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13th May 2022

My class teacher Mrs. Franz has conducted a Karl may CCA already last year, in which I participated. She is very closely connected with the author Karl may as she participated in the Karl May Festival Elspe in Germany several years. Last you we produced an audio book and this year we tried our hands on a theatre play after the novel “The treasure of the silver lake”. We read a few passages from the book and watched the movie to get familiar with the story. After that we distributed the roles. For the different characters you need different acting skills. Mino was Winnetou, Francesco a gangster, Marlene a professor, Adrian was Mavi and I played  Old Shatterhand. We presented a short part of our play during the school fest. I really enjoy acting because you can transform into different characters, speak several dialects and accents. One time you can be funny and the next time very serious. I hope that I will get the chance to be part of a theatre CCA again.