Table-Tennis Tournament at the American Embassy School

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25th January 2023

On Saturday 3rd of December finally the long-awaited friendly competition with the American Embassy School became reality under the guidance of Mr. Mösinger accompanied by general coach Mr. De Luca.
Mrs. Preetam, Mrs. Nishi and her team from the AES have been very friendly hosts. Thanks to them the organization has been very professional.
Six boys and five girls from our school have been waiting for a long time to compete in friendly matches against players from other teams.
After some security checks, general warming up and the explanation of the rules the students were divided in teams of up to four players, so that every player could at least play three matches. Very different table tennis skills, but also age groups got together since the grades 5-8 have been allowed to compete against each other, irrespective of the age. So it is not very astonishing that most of the games of the members of our school lost their games, an exception was Rebecca who also won some singles and some doubles have won various sets, as well as some individual players have won several sets.
However, as earlier said, it has been a friendly tournament with the main focus on the fun sports part and not only focusing on the honor of the school. The practice hours are seasonal at the American Embassy School and takes place three times a week. Maybe that is also an indication for us, that a practice only once a week cannot be as effective and learning and advancing processes will naturally take longer.
Anyhow, the tournament closed after all the singles and doubles competitions with a snack for all the players. Because it had been the first tournament after a long time for the German Embassy School every player of the DSND received a certificate of participation.

The four hour sports event was a great success since our students asked right away when the next table tennis tournament will take place.