Overnight in the elementary school

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10th May 2022

During the last week before the Easter holidays, the excitement was palpable in the air. Were the students that ready for the holidays? No, on the contrary, many children didn't want to go home because of their sense of adventure. Because in the last two days, the traditional elementary school camping was finally back. After the overnight stay had been canceled in the past two years due to the pandemic, the highlight of the year could finally take place again this year.

The primary school children spent the morning in the Sunder Nursery. The students discovered the extensive park in small teams on a scavenger hunt, which finally ended at the large playground. There everyone could play extensively and also rest.

Back at school, the day was spent playing board games. In the evening, the children explored the secondary school building by answering questions about the building. At nightfall there was a flashlight party. Finally there was the long-awaited pizza and then it was finally time: the children got ready for the night. Snuggled up nicely, the children listened to their class teachers reading stories to them. Exhausted from the exciting day, everyone quickly fell asleep.

The next day there was a hearty breakfast and then the children were sent on vacations.