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15th October 2022

Today was a special day for us. We, the class 7 with four children, went for an excursion. Together with Mr. Mösinger and Mrs. Arens Klein currently have an ongoing project covering the subjects art and maths which is about geometry. For the reason we drove to the Museum of Illusions. In the museum we saw various interactive optical illusions. Even though I had been there before, I had a lot of fun. To explore everything with my friends has been amazing. After the visit to the museum we went for a yummy lunch to Subway. Well fed we proceeded to Lodhi Garden. There we looked at Islamic, geometrical pattern on the garden tombs and sued the time to sketch them in our notebooks. I was even able to explain my class mates geometrical patterns in Islamic architecture, that I learned from my dad. Very soon it was time to return to the school. We boarded the school bus and reached the school on time at 3:30 pm.

Yohaan Shivhare