Father - Child Day in the Kindergarten

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22th October 2021

On this bright and sunny morning, the fathers met with their kindergarten children on Saturday October 16 for the traditional Father Child Day on our sports field.

Lanterns should be made in keeping with the season, as it will soon be St. Martin's Day and Diwali too. These two festivals will be highlighted in a festival of lights at the DSND this year.

As a welcome there was a small warm-up session with singing and games and then the handicraft fun could begin.

The children had already asked themselves during the preliminary meeting in the kindergarten whether the fathers could even do handicrafts, cut, paint and decorate. But they were very enthusiastic about the results. No question about it, they had taught their fathers.

Then it was tried out whether the lanterns are also suitable for a parade with St. Martin's songs…. Bingo…

At the end there was enough opportunity to play and chat with each other with delicious food and drink. Everyone present commented, it was a fun filled morning.