We say goodbye to our headmaster and our librarian / secretary

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23th June 2021

On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, the DSND primary school students said goodbye to its headmaster, Mr. Antacido, and the long-time secretary, Ms. Breunig.

The effects of the corona pandemic only allowed a very limited farewell event, in the video chat with only the primary school students and their parents as well as the primary school team.

Despite the limited possibilities, the elementary school team expressed its thanks and appreciation to the headmaster and the long-term colleague.

The children of the elementary school expressed their thanks in poems, raps, self-painted pictures and a dance.

Mr Antacido and Ms Breunig said lovely words to the students and teachers who organized the farewell. They will remember these special farewell for sure.

In view of the circumstances, it was a very nice, emotional and entertaining celebration.


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