A visit to the Genesis Global School

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25th September 2023

The primary school visited the Genesis Global School. As two important Hindu festivals were being celebrated, the DSND children dressed up especially festively.
During the week, the DSND students had already made raki (bracelets) and exchanged them with their buddies at school. They also thought of their friends at Genesis School and brought friendship bracelets for them as well. Together they made rakhi cards and sang songs about the special bond between siblings in German and Hindi.
As in the following week is Janmashtami (Krishna's birthday), they all decorated flutes. We learned that Krishna himself loved to play the flute as a child. At this festival, incidents from Krishna's childhood are often depicted.
Finally, the children talked in small groups about hobbies, holidays and favorite subjects.
Of course, all interactions took place in German, so that the hosts had the opportunity to use their German skills.
We are already looking forward to the visit of the Genesis Global School at the DSND!