Parent representatives

Parent's activities

The German School New Delhi (DSND) welcomes parent involvement and parents have ample opportunity to take an active part in school and kindergarten life. Parent representatives and the school management are always open to suggestions. The parent council comprises elected representatives from the individual classes, kindergarten and Sternschnuppen. We usually meet once a month to talk about the school programme, discuss problems and work out solutions. Issues for discussion can include security in the school, school holidays or pedagogical aspects. Our presence is normally felt at school events. For instance, we are in charge of the DSND stall at the annual Christmas market, which is organised by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce and is held at the school grounds. We traditionally offer waffles, mulled wine and children's punch for sale-and, of course, German Christmas specialities. Parents are not the only ones to help out with the beer, cakes and the sale of goods-the teachers also pitch in. St. Martin's Day is organised together with the ministers from the German-speaking Catholic and Protestant community, while Carnival and Sport's Day are managed by parents and teachers. Parent representatives and kindergarten teachers also organise a Sports and Fun Day for the kindergarten. We would like these activities to enhance the community spirit and we welcome everyone to join in.

The „Elternbeirat“ enjoys a special role of trust with parents, teachers and the School Board. It ...

  • offers parents the opportunity to inform themselves and to speak out
  • promotes trusting relations between parents and teachers / school staff
  • provides advice on parents' wishes, suggestions, recommendations
  • compiles wishes, suggestions and recommendations of parents and forwards them to the School's headmaster
  • conducts regular joint meetings with all pillars of the School on current topics and to find common approach on procedures (Gesamtkonferenzen, meetings of the parents' council, joint Infoletter)
  • supports actively celebrations and parties of the School (both through staff and financially)

Representatives of the Parents’ council 2019/20

  • Mrs. Birgit Kratheller
  • Mrs. Annunziata Magis

The dates of the regular meetings of the Parents’ council are announced in our calendar.



Group / Class Represantative Deputy Represantative
Shooting stars Mrs. Tushita Ranchan Mr. Ralph Karsten
Rainbow group Mr. Rajan Handa Mr. Nicholas Gerad Lorenz
Sunshine group Mrs. Karen Korber Mrs.Maki Matsuchika
Grade E1 Mr. Anuraag Sunder Mrs. Evgeniya Tomova-Koutsarova
Grade 3 Mrs. Virginia Braun Mrs. Liane Ernestine Stumpf
Grade 4 Mr. Preetam Paniyadi Mrs. Tanja Vlasova
Grade 5 Mrs. Moreau-Lalanne - - -
Grade 6 Mrs. Verity Corbett-Maier - - -
Grade 7 Mrs. Virginia Braun Mrs. Orsoo-Mösinger
Grade 8 Mr. Ivo Seehann Mrs.Liane Ernestine Stumpf
Grade 9 Mrs. Manuela Rodriguez Mr. Klaus Maier
Grade 10 Mrs. Birgit Kratzheller Mr. Thomas Helmer
Grade 11 Mrs. Desislava Dekova Mrs. Bat Amgalan Orsoo-Mösinger
Grade 12 Mrs. Natascha Gröblacher Mr. Hans Peter Bieri