School board / School Society

Non profit association / School Society / Board Members

The school is part of the Deutscher Schulverein New Delhi, a non-profit  association registered in Germany.

The school's affairs are managed by the Board selected by the General Body. The Board decides on the fee structure and supervises the financial aspects.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets at regular intervals to discuss important issues concerning the school and the kindergarten.

The Board comprises 5 members elected by the annual assembly for a period of 2 years. Board members can be re-elected. Mr. Johannes Höber, Nominee of the German Embassy in New Delhi, Mrs. Sabine Kulow, Principal and Ms. Anja Shivhare Head of Administration also attend board meetings in an advisory capacity. The Board can invite other participants to the meetings or request advice on individual points on the agenda.

The composition, rules of procedure and tasks of the Board are laid down in the Charter of the German School Society, New Delhi.

The General Annual Assembly elected its new board on the 28th of September 2021. During the first board meeting after the Annual General Meeting 2021 the responsibilities have been allocated as follows.


  • Mr. Erik Illig                      Head of the Board and Finance
  • Mr. Oliver Mirza                Deputy Head of the Board and Maintenance and Property Management
  • Mr. Jan Cihar                    Kindergarten and School Development Group       
  • Mr. Ivo Seehann               Communication and Secretary
  • Mr. Matthias Radosztics    HR and Busses