Student representatives

Student representatives

Whom is the school actually meant for? For the students, of course! Logically then, students would know best how they'd like their day at school planned. We, the Students' Council, are there to receive proposals, creative ideas and suggestions for improvement, accommodate the wishes of our fellow-students and to do our best to have all these implemented. We then discuss these issues with our guidance counsellor and work out what we can implement ourselves and where we would need help.

We, the class captains and students' representatives, hope that the students of our school are happy with our work. We thank them for their trust and confidence. During the first days of the school years a class captain and a deputy will be elected by each class.

Class representatives 2019/2020

  Class Captains Deputy Class Captains
Grade 4 Jino Kim Emma Alex
Grade 5 Virgil Moreau Yohaan Shivhare
Grade 6 Mino Kim Alice Noack Santos
Grade 7 Amara-Mariela Mösinger Lennox Braun
Grade 8 Henrique Noack Santos Ivaylo Dekov
Grade 9 Lucia Rodriguez Chiara Corbett Maier
Grade 10 Marie Gröblacher Chollatan Khaopaeng
Grade 11 Ariuna Mösinger Aleksandra Dekova
Grade 12 Amelie Gröblacher Ksenia Wälchli

The plenum of all secondary school pupils will elect the new student represantative from all pupils (Grade 8 - 12) on invitation of the acting student represantative Rafel Strub (schoolyear2013/14).
This plenum also elects the SV teacher and Deputy SV teacher.

Function Name
Student Representative Luca Osterburg
Deputy Student Representative Johannes Hölscher
SV teacher Mr. Christian Speck