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Life on the Indian Subcontinent requires a greater awareness regarding spiritual and physical health. Being aware of the dangers it is easier to avoid infections and accidents. We would like to recommend a detailed booklet issued by the German Embassy outlining the prevention and the action recommended in the event of an illness.”Willkommen in Indien”(Welcome to India ) The links about general health are unfortunately only in German.

Information by the German Embassy regarding medical care in New Delhi (in German)

Head lice ... what should be done?

East-West Rescue - Indian Air Ambulance & Emergency Medical Assistance


Air pollution continues to be a big problem in New Delhi. Since 2013 the questions how best to deal with this problem and its possible consequences have been topics of discussions in all school committees. Discussions with directors in the region facing similar problems have taken place. Doctors and experts hold differing opinions on certain aspects. So in this respect the school has based its decisions on diverse research results, objective facts based on the in situ position, our learning goals dictated by the curriculum and parents’ wishes.

To find the Philosopher’s Stone and do justice to all parties is near impossible. However after much discussion in the past academic year 2013/14 one measure was introduced: - the testing of the air quality. A central air filter in the school building and in the Kindergarten has been successfully installed. 

1. We the school are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea! (or a rock and a hard place ) Which is the lesser of the evils? Our students want to and indeed should exercise, however extreme exertion as in stamina training can be detrimental to their health.

2. In Peking and Shanghai the tolerance level is set at 2.5 micrometre. This would mean our cancelling all sports activities from mid-November to mid-February and confining the students to the school building all day (where the air quality is not that much better!) The PTA finds this totally unacceptable.

3. Air Quality: Since December 2013 the Director has been checking an hourly update on the air pollution in R.K.Puram. (link to the website:)

In order to give the staff the following guidelines:- Up to 300microgram/cubic metre air P.E.(Sports) as normal Between 300 and 450 microgram/cubic metre P.E. is held but no exertive exercises Higher readings P.E. is cancelled and the students will be supervised in the classrooms.

4. If a student is unable to do P.E. for medical reasons a doctor’s note must be given to the Director.

Dated 06.2016

Parents will be kept informed of any changes by way of the parents’ newsletter.


For your own safety please register with your embassy. Details can be found on the website of each embassy in New Delhi:

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