Our school library together with the laptop borrowing centre form the information and reading hub of our school available to students, teaching staff and parents. The library has more than 2000 books suitable for children and teenagers as well as fiction, nonfiction and text books in addition to these videos, CD-ROMS and DVDs are available. Work space allows students to conduct research and complete set work in a quiet environment. Students may with a teacher's permission borrow any one of 40 laptops, so allowing them to log into the school network and access the internet for personal research and to compile documents. 

Primary students are accompanied to the library in German, English and Social Studies classes. They are instructed and guided in locating age appropriate nonfiction books and are allowed to browse in the children's and youth's sections thereby learning the classification system of a library. As part of the skills curriculum the students of the Lower Secondary are taught how to conduct internet research, thereby learning research strategies and how best to evaluate information.

A librarian is available after the first long morning break until 15.30 (3.30pm) to offer guidance to students seeking help and support in research projects. Reading contests help further promote fun with reading. Some classes keep reading diaries and write book reviews or letters to the editor. Book presentations are held regularly and students can read up on topics covered in class to deepen their knowledge (e.g. historical novels, textbook and secondary literature)

Each year a reading night for all the classes is organised by our student teachers.

Library regularity