DSND School-Counsellor

Dear Parents,
Let me introduce myself as school counsellor of DSND and explain my role within the school.
The core area is counselling young people and adults who are linked to the school and its community. I am the contact person for all students, DSND staff, parents and legal guardians.

Student Support 
DSND aspires to nurture students’ emotional and social development as well as learning. By encouraging students to reflect on their own understanding of identity and personality, we aim to promote social competence while supporting them emotionally. This is done through individual interviews and group discussions, and, if necessary, crisis intervention. Students can approach me at any time to arrange a one-to-one meeting, which I am able to offer at short notice. All communication with me is confidential.

Staff, Parents, Legal Guardians 
The counselling service is also available to all school staff, parents and legal guardians. Individual appointments can be arranged as above. All discussions are treated confidentially.

Parents’ Evenings 
I will be attending parents' evenings, where you will be invited to discuss a number of topics including: drugs and their risks, use of electronic media and games, puberty.

I am available every day during the school term either in my office (above the nursery), or in the main building. In case a drop-in session is not possible, an alternative meeting can be scheduled at short notice by email: ulrich.spura@dsnd.de. If necessary, it is also possible to meet outside the school opening hours. 

Warm Regards,
Ulrich Spura


Name Function Phone E-Mail
Mr. Ulrich Spura School-Counsellor +91 11 26112193 ulrich.spura@dsnd.de