Afternoon Activities

Afternoon Activities

In addition to the regular classes, the German Embassy School New Delhi offers a wide range of study groups. The school can thus provide an attractive full-time program along with daily lunch and homework club. The school offers sports, artistic and creative classes.

The offer will be reassembled at the beginning of the school year and modified in the second half of the year. The offers are mostly free.

Homework Club

The school offers chargeable homework club for all elementary school students from 14:00 until 15:30 from Mondays to Thursdays. The registration takes place together with the choice of the working groups. So a combination of homework help and CCA offers can be selected.

Amalia und Prathana have shared a report about the Design Champions AG with us.

Yoga CCA

The CCA is called Yoga. In yoga we do different exercises: boat, tree, cobra, egg, mountain, candle, board.

We like it very much. Nurja likes to make the tree and the mountain.

Freddi and Joshua love yoga.

Our teacher's name is Lakshmi.

(Joshua, Freddi, Nurja)

Kreativ AG

First we play a finger game for concentration.

Then Mrs. Reck tells what we are going to do today.

Then we make cool things.

We have already made a jumping jack, birthday cards, animals, lanterns, bees and Easter eggs. We use materials such as plastic bottles, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls and yoghurt cups.

When we are done with tinkering and the bell rings, we say bye-bye!


Art and Craft

We made many clowns out of cups. We made mice, ladybugs and spiders out of nuts. And we made bumblebees out of paper.

We really like Art and Craft.

(Caspar, Sephora, Yoana, Tara, Puranjay)

Taekwon Do CCA


Taekwondo is a fighting martial arts sport. We like the AG Taekwondo and think it is very cool.


(Platon, Aman, Ayan)