Afternoon Activities

Afternoon Activities

In addition to regular classes, the DSND offers a wide range of voluntary or compulsory extracurricular classes.
Thus, together with lunch, the school offers an attractive all-day program.
The offerings are compiled at the end of the school year for the coming school year and modified in the second half of the year.  The offerings are essentially free of charge.

Learning time and homework supervision

To rhythmize the school day, remedial classes are offered in the morning. Children without special needs have a voluntary CCA program at this time. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, all elementary school children have a common learning time after lunch, during which homework is worked done independently.  On Mondays and Wednesdays, the school offers paid homework supervision. Registration takes place together with the choice of work groups.

Sparring in the Taekwondo AG


During Sparring, the steps, kicks and sequences learnt are put into practice. This makes for a lot of fun and excitement.

News from the Superhands CCA:

classic Ravan masks during the Dushera festival time

News from the Yoga CCA

News from our football CCA

Our primary school pupils learn how to handle the ball in a playful way!

Loom band alert in the Superhands CCA

During the last class, our students created with lots of enthusiasm fantastic loom - as friendship bands, fashion jewelry or superhero bands.

Parcour CCA


Our primary school students practice flexibility and bounce!

News from the World of Games CCA

Playing games is fun and relaxing! In the AG we meet to play board and card games together. Every week we get to know a new game. This game either comes from the school's large game collection or the children bring their own game and present it to the others. There is often time afterwards to play favorite games with their friends. 

The Reading Pirates are the best!


The reading pirates feel right at home in the small elementary school library. As soon as everyone has found a place on the sofa, they're ready to go!

We have a lot of reading material on the bookshelves and usually manage to get to know a children's book from beginning to end. The series "Was ist was?" and "Greg's Tagebuch" as well as the many picture books are also very popular with our little readers.

However, the stories about the girl Conni are particularly popular. When Conni once lost her mother in a large department store, the children followed the search for and recovery of Conni's mother in the children's department with great interest........
Afterwards, almost all the children talked about their own experiences in similar situations.

The younger children tend to enjoy listening and the older ones take turns reading aloud from each chapter.

News from the Taekwondo CCA

Full of enthusiasm the primary students came back after the summer break to the Taekwondo CCA

Our CCA coaches introduce themselves – Akash Pradhan (Football)

Little Musicians

In the CCA 'Little Musicians' we have learnt a lot and sang songs. We have learnt a lot of new songs.
Some songs we have to sing with a partner and some songs without a partner.
The teacher plays music on the piano and we practice.

Tara, 3 Grade/ Tiara 2 Grade

Cardboard Architects

The CCA is called Cardboard architects and takes place every Thursday afternoon. Together with Mrs. Arens-Klein we make life-size furniture out of cardboard. Everyone had to bring materials: Bottles, cardboard boxes and newspapers. We thought about how everything could fit together and started building.
The result was a beautiful and cozy sofa for the reading corner, on which three children can sit without any problems.
I really liked the fact that everyone worked together and searched for solutions and that we were allowed let off our creativity. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot together.
Let's see what we build next!
Katharina Leuschner

Our CCA coaches introduce themselves – Maria John (Drawing/ Coloring/ Art)

Our CCA coaches introduce themselves – Rajinder Kumar Anand (Taekwondo)

Amalia und Prathana have shared a report about the Design Champions AG with us.