Primary Programme

Grade 1 to 4

There is one primary class per year. Four primary teachers teach each one class as homeroom teacher. This small school offers students the opportunity to learn together and to grow in a protected environment.

The lessons follow the German curricula, the curricula of Thuringia and the common education standards for German overseas schools. We accept all students in their individuality. We teach the students to act in a caring and tolerant way with one another. The students learn early on to work and think independently with open teaching methods e.g. work planners.

The language of instruction in primary school is German. To accommodate for the different abilities of mother tongue speakers and children with German as a second language the homeroom teacher plans and structures the German lessons together with the support teacher for German.

From first grade on English is taught three lessons a week, from third grade on it is taught four or five lessons. A native speaker teaches in grade 1 and 2, in grade 3 and 4 a German teacher of English supports her work in some of the lessons.

The primary school is the link between kindergarten and secondary school and in this function it prepares in close cooperation the transitions. Pre-school children and grade 1 are taught together in Music and Physical Education. At the end of fourth grade the students follow some lessons in grade 5 to have a peek at what is ahead of them.

Primary School Timetable

Subjects Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
German 7 8 8 7
Mathematics 4 5 5 5
English 3 3 4 5
Social Studies 2 2 3 3
Physical Education 3* 3 3 3
Music 2* 2 2 2
Art 2 2 2 2
Religious Instruction 1 1 1 1
Indian Studies 1 1 1 1
Special classes 1 1 1 1
Sum total 26 28 30 30

School curriculum

The curriculum used in the primary school since 2012/13 was developed by the DSND along the guidelines laid down by the overseas schools for the South East Asian region and the Province of Thuringia and Baden/Württemberg.