Afternoon activities

At the German Embassy School the students of grades 5-12 are offered  a wide range of extra-curricular activities from Monday - Friday.

Following a 45 minutes lunch break (during the break a warm luncheon is being served) the students can choose among various activities in the fields of music, arts, sports and science.

By the end of each school year the new annual program for the following school year is compiled and introduced to our students and their parents. Thus we are able to commence all activities after the summer holidays on the first day back at school. The activities are mostly free of charge. During the second term we continue the program, possibly with slight variations.



Homework Club

The school offers chargeable homework club for all secondary I school students from 14:00 until 15:30 from Mondays to Thursdays. The registration takes place together with the choice of the working groups. So a combination of homework help and CCA offers can be selected.

Robotics AG

Like many children my age I love to build lego and this is why I registered for the robotics CCA. While registering I was not 100% clear what to expect in this CCA. During our 90 minutes class the students can develop and program alone a lego robot. That sounds difficult but we are children from lower and higher grades. We have the choice to develop a robot on our own or to use a manual. You can do it alone or in a group. The CCA mentor is Mr. Leidinger. There is a larger variety what the robot can do. The robot I built so far was able to drive, shoot and speak. If I get stuck sometimes, I take advice from my fellow participants. I really like the CCA and have already built and programmed 3 robots.

Yohaan Shivhare

Climbing CCA

The children of the climbing CCA go together by bus to Boulderbox. The CCA is for 3 hours and out of this we can climb for 1,5 hours. Together we can try out various routes. We help each other to complete the difficult routes. By watching each other we can also learn. During the first hour we have a coach, who answers all our questions. Mr. Wildfang, the CCA mentor is always with us. I am already climbing for 3 years and I am very happy that I can follow my hobby now also in a school CCA. I like climbing because I feel how I improve my climbing skills and I feel proud when I manage a difficult route.

Yohaan Shivhare