Support and Integration


At the DSND support and encouragement are fundamental principles implemented in every class held. We aim to support students not only academically (cognitive area) but also in the area of psychomotor tension, emotionally and socially.

Many students have a migration background, are Third Culture students, come from different school systems and arrive with different academic levels of achievement. Owing to the size of the school the support programme is organised on an individual basis. A time frame is agreed upon in which the student is given systematic support to attain the required level. However there is a time limit in which the expected goals must be met.

In Mathematics the school offers students in the lower secondary section needing extra support a double period once a week. Students who require extra German as a foreign language or second language are provided with small support classes teaching from standard B1. As of next academic year a German support teacher will be present in regular German classes 1-2 periods a week in the grades 5-10 to support students with GSL or foreign language needs.